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Macrayan Virtual Assistant Services

What is a Virtual Assistant?
A dedicated virtual assistant is a self-employed professional that provides executive and administrative business support to clients, following the work requirements and responsibilities, from a remote location. Someone who specialise in support tasks such as diary management and admin, helping with marketing activities such as sending email newsletters, and other similar tasks which could fall into a “support” category such as assisting with recruitment, offering customer service or dealing with sales enquiries.

The existence of super fast broadband combined with an ever-growing number of people working for themselves and looking for a better work-life balance with a more flexible schedule, means the virtual assistant industry is rapidly growing.

What are the benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant?
First, it is a flexible way to grow your team. Employees come with long list of employment obligations and a commitment that is difficult to get out of if your business changes. At Macrayan Virtual Assistant, we’ll work together on a monthly subscription.

Our virtual assistants have spent their entire careers supporting business owners and senior professionals, meaning they have developed a skill set that you would be hard pushed to compete with. It would be much more efficient for you to focus on what you are great at, anything from doing billable work for clients through to sales meetings – and leave a dedicated virtual assistant to take care of the administrative tasks.

It’s also makes a lot of financial sense!
You don’t need to worry about insurance, CPF contribution, training, performance reviews, desk space, laptops, payroll… and the long list of other tasks and costs generated by hiring internally. Hiring a virtual assistant is efficient, effective and enjoyable!

Where is Macrayan Virtual Assistant located?
Our team of virtual assistant is physically located in Singapore and they are contactable by phone, email or Skype.
How can I protect my company information?
All Macrayan virtual assistants have signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) covering the protection of your information and intellectual property. In addition, take advantage of cloud technologies and save information and files on cloud-based platforms like Dropbox or Google drive. This means that your sensitive information is stored centrally rather than on an individual’s personal computer.
When does my virtual assistant work?
Our virtual assistants follow the standard business work regime, Monday through Fridays, following your preferred time zone. They are not required or expected to work during weekends and public holidays. You can submit your tasks anytime, day or night, weekday or weekend. If submitted before/after business hours, your virtual assistant will receive the task(s) the following business day to begin working on them.
How do I keep track of hours worked of my virtual assistant?
Your account manager who tracks exactly which tasks your virtual assistant is working on monitors our virtual assistant on a daily basis. A daily report is generated showing the following:

•Time & task tracking
•Screenshot recordings
•Start & finish time

This will give you the confidence that your dedicated virtual assistant will be 100% productive throughout the day.

Will I get a dedicated Virtual Assistant?
All our plans come with a dedicated virtual assistant. You will work with the same virtual assistant who helps to maintain the continuity & your virtual assistant will grow along with assigned tasks to understand your preferences. Our virtual assistant will learn to anticipate what’s coming in as you continue to work by making it easier for you.
What can my virtual assistant do?

Your staff will have one or more of the following skillsets: executive admin, project management, bookkeeping, customer service, and marketing assistance. Once we get to know your requirements, we’ll match you with virtual assistant to provide you with required skill for your business. Visit our homepage for the list of task that can be supported by our virtual assistant.

Can my virtual assistant work with my online software and project management tools?
Yes, as long as your system is cloud-based and accessible via the Internet.
Can my virtual assistant help me with accounting needs?
Your virtual assistant will certainly assist you with some standard accounting tasks, but will find it difficult to handle any specialized accounting packages as they might have limited knowledge in those domains.
Can my virtual assistant handle scheduling?
Absolutely. Your virtual assistant can coordinate meetings, schedule appointments, and manage your calendar with ease. We can support Google calendar, outlook, ical and others. Simply share and grant your virtual assistant access to manage your calendar.
Can my virtual assistant keep my inbox organized?
Yes. Your virtual assistant can read, send, delete, organize, filter, and create rules for messages on your behalf. It’s a great way to stay on top of email and keep your inbox tidy.
Can my virtual assistant make outbound phone calls for me?
They sure can but with some limitations. Your virtual assistant is happy to contact vendors, make reservations, and place phone calls for you.
How about in-bound phone calls?
Yes and no. Every virtual assistant will be accessible to you by phone. However, your virtual assistant is available for your convenience alone. Your virtual assistant cannot accept calls from contacts, vendors, or service providers on your behalf.
How do I get my virtual assistant?
First, we connect by phone so that we can make sure we fully understand your business and requirements. Then we suggest to you the virtual assistant with the right skills and personality to be a good fit. We’ll send you few profiles of virtual assistant for selection, and you can conduct a brief phone interview before making the decision to sign up with us. It’s a fast and efficient process, and you’ll be up and running in no time.
How do I work with my virtual assistant?
We don’t set any rules here. Most clients prefer to use a combination of email and phone calls to work with their virtual assistant whereas others like to use Whatapps chat. It’s really completely up to you and your virtual assistant. If you prefer to work a certain way, just let us know and we’ll make sure your virtual assistant is happy to meet those requirements.
Can I assign a company email address to my virtual assistant (e.g.
Yes, of course! In fact, most clients prefer their virtual assistant works in this way. Your virtual assistant can easily communicate on your behalf and as an integral part of your team if their email address looks more like yours.
How quickly will my virtual assistant respond when I contact her/him?
Your assigned virtual assistant will always respond within a few hours during the business day, and by the next business day for off-hour or weekend requests. When you begin working with your assigned virtual assistant, you’ll be able to establish a routine that works best for you both as you determine how best to allocate the time you have purchased in your monthly plan.
Do you provide back up when my virtual assistant is away?
Yes! Even the best people get sick from time to time, take a vacation, or need to take time off for personal reasons. Macrayan won’t leave you stranded. Our team can train a backup Virtual Assistant so that they can step in to cover them when the need arises.
Can I use multiple virtual assistants?

As per our existing procedure, you will be assigned one virtual assistant after sign up process. However if you need more than one assistant, we will customize our plans for you. Hence please do send an email to us at and our consultant will contact you pertaining to your request.

Is it safe to give financial information like bank accounts and passwords to my virtual assistant?

While all of our virtual assistant go through a rigorous interview and vetting process, we recommend that you first establish a working relationship with your virtual assistant so that you feel comfortable before you share this type of information. Treat your virtual assistant as your new employee and build up trust as you get to know them better. If you do decide to divulge confidential information, do it methodically and one step at a time. Again, it is highly advisable to exercise extra caution when to disclose sensitive and confidential information to your virtual assistant.

Can I change my virtual assistant if I am not happy with the assigned one?

Yes, most certainly. Fortunately, because of the time we put into our unique matching process at Macrayan, it’s very rare for a client not to gel with their virtual assistant. But if you are ever feeling frustrated or fed up, at any point whatsoever, you simply get in touch with your account manager and let them know how you feel. We will replace your virtual assistant with a suitable virtual assistant within 3 working days of your request & we will make sure that the continuity is maintained with proper transfer of tasks knowledge. You would never be forced to work with someone you don’t get excited about working with.

Do I need to pay before speaking to the virtual assistant you matches me with?

Absolutely not. Following your consultation call, you’ll receive a detailed recommendation that outlines the skills and experience of the virtual assistant we recommend you work with. If you like what’s on their profile, you’ll speak to them directly. Only if you’re interested with the match that we’ve arranged, then we will proceed with the necessary for your signup with us.

Signup and Monthly Subscription Plans

What are the available monthly subscription plans?

Please click here to view our available monthly subscription for your reference and selection.

Which monthly support plan should I choose? Can you help me choose one?

No one knows what you want to do better than you. We can offer our opinion, but in the end, you know what you need best. We can help you decide this during a consultation call. For a start, we recommend working on the basis that there are approximately 20 working days in a month. So if you think 1-2 hours per day would be sufficient, based on how much time you spend on these tasks yourself, 30 hours per month will be ideal for your business needs. 

However, we understand that it’s difficult to be exact. That’s why unused hours will roll over (only for Business Plan) and if you need any extra time each month, we will simply bill you for this. You can also switch plans at any time.

When will my hours expire?

We understand you need flexibility, so we have modeled our validity accordingly. We give you 3 months to use your hours. So your hours will rollover for 3 months, providing you enough time to utilize them. Unused hours will expire at the end of the three months period. Please make sure that you will utilize your virtual assistant to the fullest by assigning tasks.

What happens when I exhaust all my hours?

Your account manager will e-mail you in advance informing that your plan is getting exhausted soon, with a link to renew or buy the plan as per your needs. Just follow the link & once you have bought the hours, you are ready to use our virtual assistant services again.

If I’ve used up the hours that I've bought, can I still get more work done?

Yes, you can definitely get more work done. However, you will be charged at the additional hourly rate applicable for that particular plan.

How do I switch or cancel my monthly support plans?

We know what it’s like to run a growing business. Things change. If you need to switch or cancel plans, just let your account manager know at least 30 days before your next billing date and they’ll switch you over or cancel your account. 

Please use the registered email address, as it would help us in identifying your account details with us. In case you are sending this request from a different email, then please do mention your name & your assistant’s name so that it helps in taking quicker actions.

Why do you need 30 days prior notice for all plan changes and cancellations?

We want to provide flexible plans and services. However, in order to keep our pricing competitive, we need 30 days to reorganize our resources efficiently.

Are there any hidden or additional fees to pay?

Our plans are all-inclusive and there are absolutely no hidden fees. The only extras you might need to budget for are if your virtual assistant will incur expenses as a result of the work you need them to do. Postage costs, travel expenses or high volumes of phone calls would be examples of any costs you would need to reimburse us for (at cost). An additional fee is also applied if you choose to use design or web services, which are charged separately from your regular plan.

How do I pay to Macrayan Virtual Assistants?

Please click here to refer to our available payment mode. Do take note that card payments are subject to a 5%processing fee. Your plan will renew on the same day each month.

What is my billing cycle? When do I receive my invoice for monthly subscription?

You billing cycle would be from the 1st day of the month till the last day of the month. You will receive an invoice from the billing team that is generated at the start of every month as per the allotted plan. Any extra/additional usage on a particular month will be added to the next month’s invoice. Only for the first month (sign-up) and during the notice period (plan change) you will receive a prorated invoice based on the number of days the account is active and allotment of hours to the plan also happens accordingly.

How do I sign up?

Since we take a very personalized approach to assigning you a virtual assistant, the first step before you sign up is to find out your requirements. Click here and furnish us what you need, and we’ll be in touch within a few hours to schedule a time to speak. You will get a chance to review your virtual assistant’s profile, and speak with them first to make sure it’s a good match before you sign up with us.

When you have decided to select your Virtual Assistant, you will be given an agreement contract to be signed and the invoice for the first month. When we have received the signed contract and payment from you, we will connect you with the virtual assistant through an e-mail and phone call. You will be able  to proceed with communicating directly with your Virtual Assistant. Account Manager will be also assigned to you.

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