Manpower Outsourcing Services for Office Staffing


About Us

One Macrayan assist clients with outsourcing resources and payroll services with other related solutions. We strive to deliver high quality and cost-efficient manpower outsourcing to our clients be it from small to large companies.

This contract of service option provides employment opportunities’ from Entry level to Executives. Our most highly sought after positions are:

Administration and Office Position

  • Administration
  • Receptionist
  • Customer Service & Helpdesk
  • Information Technology

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Virtual Assistants

Our Virtual Assistant act as your dedicated employees and report directly to your project manager. Duties of a Virtual Assistant include (but are not limited to) filtering and answering emails, scheduling appointments making travel arrangements, accounting, researching, taking online FNB order and performing other specialized business services as required, and communicating and coordinating with internal and external clients.

We specialise in the following job categories


Customer Service/Helpdesk


Information Technology

Our Type of Manpower Outsourcing Services


Whether you need someone to help you out for a couple of hours a week, or need to take extra work on to support your new project, our part time manpower is available to assist you on your request.


For one-time projects, scaling teams, extended absences and last minute demands, our Temp and Contract manpower are available for your long and short-term needs and will help you get the job done.


If you just want to assess the manpower first before deciding to employ them permanently, we’ll work with you to turn our temporary manpower into your permanent full time employees.

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